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Story spacing formula & Updates · 7:11am Mar 24th, 2012

I apologise for the spacing, im just more used to writing in traditional form, if any one has any suggestions ill take them to heart. Also to any trackers or followers, my updates may be eradic in nature, so expect slow or fast updates.

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Hello all! · 6:34am Mar 20th, 2012

Over the course of me seeing the site as an unregistered member I decided to give writing on this site a try, my schedule is random so some updates will take longer than others. My first story I'm going to work on draws inspiration from John Carter, and a question I asked myself, if there is a world where magic is present what would happen if a being from our world were to he introduced into it, and what would the side effects of the exposure to magic do to a human, it's probably been done,

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