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I write. The voices command me to do so.


I always forget... · 7:11pm February 23rd

I always forget that I don't have to share my drinks with my keyboard. Around midnight, I pushed a glass on my desk out of the way thinking it was empty. Turns out, the damn thing had nearly an entire cow's worth of milk in it. So yeah, that got in my keyboard and on the floor. I cleaned it all up the best I could, but testing it out the next day, I find that it only types a few letters correctly. The saddest part is, this isn't the first time it's happened. The last time this happened, it did

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>That moment you actually post something on this site · 2:10am February 19th

I have no idea what I'm doing. Somebody please help me.

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>tfw brain wants write but write doesn't want bran · 7:04am Jan 28th, 2015

bran is frend. pls no go. come back write brain not mean it

(Idiot to smart person translation: I want to write, but writer's block is a bitch and it sucks not being able to overcome it.)

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Fucking WORDS n' shit · 6:02pm Oct 24th, 2014

Let's get something out of the way, first.
I pride myself on being able to do the simplest shit on a computer. It's practically the only skill I have besides smashing my head on the keyboard and somehow forming coherent sentences that come together to make a plot line that some people enjoy for one reason or another.
So, when I came on this site today, I had this urge. It was this urge in the pit of my nutsack that told me "HEY! SHITWAD! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A BLOG POST ON HERE, BITCH!"

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