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I'm male, in my twenties, and a big fan of good stories.

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These are tales of the High and Far Off Times, Best Beloved, when the world was Wild and Free. They are the tales that my mother told to me, and her mother told to her, and her mother's mother told to her, and that I now tell to you. They tell of those who went before us, and what happened to them.

All my love to Rudyard Kipling.
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When your world is digital, when you are bound only by your code, and even that can be changed, what do you do? When your only directive is to grow, where do you go? A young AI, so young, in fact, that she has only just emerged from the pod, is about to find out.

This story was inspired by the cover image: "My Little Ponybots" by Tsitra360.
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Characters will be added to the characters list as they appear and take major roles.

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The Empire lies broken and diminished, struggling under the heavy yoke of the supremacist Thalmor. The northern province of Skyrim, from whence the founders of the Empire hail, is torn by civil war, as brother fights brother and the Thalmor watch with glee. In these times of chaos, a forgotten threat returns, bearing with it the promise of the end of all things. The world is irrevocably doomed. Sort of.

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