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The Conversion Bureau : The Last Human Ending (No Spoilers) · 8:33pm Apr 7th, 2013

So you know, this doesn't contain spoilers to the plot. So you can rest easy as I continue to write this blog post. As some of you may know, I have hinted at a third part to the series of The Last Human, and I can definitely confirm that this part has been planned and is ready to write directly after I finish Part 2. What some of you may not know is that I am intending to end the story at this point. I may go on to create new stories in the same universe, or create side stories to better

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Currently Working On · 4:36pm Sep 11th, 2012

This is the list of stories that I am working on. They are listed in the order that I am willing to write them:

- Defenders Assemble
- Best Pony Friend Forever
- Conversion Bureau : Last Human
- Innovation Encounters
- Weather Team
- The Rivals of Color and Sound (aka Sonic Vs Rainbow)

Plus, there are some other stories listed here that I am going to write:

- Twilight gets *something* (Comedy)
- USS ARK Thing (Human)
- Others...

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Current Writing Stuff · 9:10am Aug 21st, 2012

Currently I am trying to write two stories at the same time - and only one of them is making progress. My apologies for taking so long on the last human as I have been trying to think about how to get it moving again. I have then ending in my head - and some certain events. But I have just got to write the in between part.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my stories. It makes my day :3

Current Projects:
-The Conversion Bureau : The Last Human

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Conversion Bureau Stories · 7:17am Jun 23rd, 2012

Hello Everyone Who reads this.

If you are wondering why my updating of The Last Human has been so slow. It is because I have gotten to a point where I am not sure how to get the story from one point to another. I have pretty much planned the story out but I have just got one small bit that I need to write to get the story back into pace. So that means more action and awesomeness.

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Welcome to my world · 10:19am Apr 21st, 2012

For those who read and enjoyed the Welcome to my world story and am going to do a different version with the same beginning style. Because that is what I, and most people, enjoyed from the story. So that is to be expected in the future along with the next part to the John and Applebloom story.

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Current Story Projects · 2:24pm Mar 18th, 2012

At the moment I have the following projects that I am working on in terms of fan fiction.

Welcome to my World
Max Plasma
The Fallout

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Back to the Cupcake... · 6:07am Mar 6th, 2012

Well I woke up this morning to see that people had seen my story. And after that the comments were not very helpful on the subject of constructive criticism. Most of the comments were just remarking the bad grammar (that I knew nothing about :/) and pointing out flaws in the story. I like the idea of commenting but I suppose it would be more helpful to say something like "This has some bad points you could improve by..." instead of saying "Hey, this must a a trollfic and the grammar is

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