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Dear Applejack,
This is Spike writing to you. Okay well I guess you already knew that. Or did you? You probably thought it was Twilight writing to you right? Okay well no, i'm writing to you. Not Twilight okay! Just reminding you cause it is easy to forget. Okay anyways, wait hold on let me get Twilight to help me write these.

It's that time of the month once again for little Spike. The time of month were he ends up getting drunk pretty badly. But for some particular reason while being drunk, he wants to write the perfect love letter.

Oh yeah by the way, the "Sex" and "Teen" tag are for language. :twilightsmile:

EDIT> Featured on, August 13th of 2014 :rainbowkiss:

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Luna has been working to hard lately. Princess Celestia believes she needs a break. What better way to do that then read her a bedtime story. Not just any bedtime story but, one of her very own written fan-fictions!

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Rainbow Dash happens to confess something, quite shocking enough to scar Fluttershy for life.

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We've all known Twilight Sparkle for the egg head she is right? Well not so much anymore! After reading a book about gangsters.. Twilight decides to become Gangster Sparkle! Equestria's has a new bad @ss in town. And here to cause more problems. Gangster Sparkle is now out!

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