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Just a writer who likes ponybots and steampunk. Profile pic by livinthelife0friley on Tumblr. I write clean stories without swearing.

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It is two weeks after the fall of Princess Luna. Her guard is exiled and dissolved, the court is in disarray, and nightmares are increasingly common amongst the population of the city of Everfree. Perilune Merriweather, Luna's former student and the last nobleman to be associated with her has the power to deal with such nightmares, but with the threat they pose rising, he calls for aid in the form of Painted Lily, a cynical earth pony alchemist. Can they get over their differences to save Canterlot or is the city doomed to fall into a different kind of Endless Night?

Thanks to Rowan Falls (Rowan Ink on this website) for helping me out with the beginning of chapter one, as well as editing and helping me out with creative aspects. Painted Lily belongs to them!

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Shortly after banishing her sister, Princess Celestia decided to conquer. The Equestrian Invasion Forces seemed to be an unstoppable machine, slowly expanding the borders of Equestria. The sieges lasted for the entirety of Nightmare Moon's banishment, and Celestia nearly conquered everything. But once Nightmare Moon was released, Celestia sent Twilight, her promising personal warrior, to defeat the monster. After Luna is cleansed, Celestia changes her mind, retracting the invasion forces. After, as revenge for a thousand years of war, the world then began to wage war on Equestria, weakening it drastically to a shadow of its former glory. This is the story of a broken and weak Equestria, and the pony (and her assistant) who hope to bring it back to glory.

character tags will be updated as the need arises.
A collaboration with Little Floof check out her story! There will be a collab between us on her page as well pretty soon.

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Ponyville has become a very different place. While it is still slow and peaceful, ponies have come to realize Twilight Sparkle's regal status, and have flocked to the small town. Since then, it has expanded into a small city with its own guard force, with Rainbow dash acting as captain of the small group of soldiers. Everything is normal, at least until a group of illegal Changelings is found and it is revealed that one of Rainbow's friends may not be what they seem...

The cover art is by Underpable, used with permission.
Will involve some out of character ponies, specifically Rainbow Dash.
Offer some feedback if you like! :twilightsmile:

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A few years ago, some miners were searching for ore, when they found an underground lake filled with a purple liquid. They discovered it was an excellent fuel source, and Equestria was thrust into an industrial revolution. Accidents happen, and it was discovered that Tune, the liquid that sparked everything, gave certain ponies unimaginable power. Celestia, being threatened by the power these Attuned possess, ordered them to be hunted down to either be killed, or ensure they will never attempt to overthrow the balance of the land. Dune is one such Attuned who finds himself on the wrong side of a prison known as The One-Way Door…

This story is a prequel to an upcoming story, written in partnership with VAE.

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A robot assassin whose entire life has been devoted to following orders is changed when he is betrayed, and after becoming mainly scrap metal for many years one pony fixes him up, giving him a new purpose and orders. The question is, will the assassin follow them?

co-authored and edited by Vae, who is not on this website.
Official designs for Crosshair and Revived Crosshair!
Standard: http://thewhitegoldmusician.deviantart.com/art/Crosshair-497954828
Revived: http://thewhitegoldmusician.deviantart.com/art/Junkyard-Crosshair-497954114
If you want to draw fanart or a coverart for this story, go for it and give me a link! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

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In the fallen Equestria of now, all of the leaders of Equestria were randomly found dead in their homes, no cause, no signs. Soon afterwards, Equestria fell into anarchy, destroyed in the flame of war. Tali, a young earth pony, hopes to make things better. He collects supplies and trades them to help support his family composed of his grandfather, his mother, an older brother and a younger sister. To rebuild civilization, Tali must find all of the gems within the Alicorn Amulet and then proceed to purify the amulet so he may be able to rebuild what has been lost to the flame of war. Oh, and there's one more obstacle in his way. The Burned.

Description, filler, and edited by Dudodian
Constructive criticism is welcome and recommended.
I will be performing revisions on previous chapters. For the most part, they shall be small, a comma here, leaving out a period there, but in some places I might add a sentence or remove one.

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A unicorn scientist named Volt Spark has finally brought his proudest creation to life: a robotic pegasus named Alpha. In order to give him his own sense of right and wrong, Volt Spark has left the robot with only very basic knowledge. After he gains a little more knowledge, Volt Spark sends Alpha out by himself, where he stumbles upon a town called Ponyville...

... Flitter's in here too, but I can't tag just her...
written between me and Rowan Hooves, who also happens to be the artist behind my profile picture. Here's her Deviantart: http://rowan-falls.deviantart.com/

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Lightning Blaze, along with his friends Soarin' and Spitfire graduated Cloudsdale flight academy at the top of their class, and Lightning decides to apply for the military. Soarin' and Spitfire were approached by a representative from a classified project that Lightning is sent to. Three highly skilled pegasi flyers in one experiment. Nothing can go wrong, Right? ...Right?
Inspired by Princewhateverer's "Taking Flight"

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