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This is a story I wrote for a friend from a Discord server after I wrote another short story including his character Brimstone and another person from the Discord's OC. This time instead of it being a romance/smut story written in a state of exhaustion it's an adventure with a focus on explore his character's history and place in the world as well as explore my own character's story. Brimstone is a stallion of noble birth, but a tarnished one. He is the son of Sombra and he prefers the his winters in the comfort of the land his father once ruled. He is found by a mysterious and wise stallion who tells him of a mission that he needs Brimstone for and together they go on a journey to stop a fail-deadly plan left by Sombra to ensure the destruction of Equestria even after his death. Along the way Brimstone learns about the kind of pony his father was before his fall to dark magic and learns about what he did to ensure his revival.

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