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"A good start to creativity starts with a liter of cough syrup and a tub of glue."-some idiot from the Internet

Bio stuff things

My favorite ships:
-cheese pie
-apple pie
-pinkie dash
-derpy dash
-sweetiemash (button mash x sweetie belle)
And last but not least
-any member of the cmc shipped with spike
and my favorite pony is applejack...
And as for teen titan...

Starfire Salutations, my friend! You are most like Star fire. You are very cheerful and upbeat. You stand out from the crowd as a very kind, caring, and unique person, despite being a little...strange. At times, you may have your head in the clouds, but your friends love you for the wonderful person you are.:)

As for my faction from divergent...

Amity You are kind and try your hardest to uphold the ideals of a peaceful and loving world. You like to smile and wear bright colours, and you dislike any form of conflict with others. Pain is something that disgusts you and you find it baffling why others wish to hurt each other. You wouldn't mind the hard labour of producing the food to sustain a city, because you know that it is what everyone needs from you and it keeps them happy. However, the Amity are sometimes prone to cowardice due to their aversion to conflict.

Check this out!

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