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Collection of shorts about various ponies that have been Displaced across the Multiverse.

My brother, Reinardtoma, have read a lot of Displaced fics featuring, humans becoming anime, video game, and fantasy characters in Equestria. so we had a thought, what about ponies going to other worlds?

This is their stories

List of current displaced ponies

Lt Commander Twilight, in Mass Effect

Vinyl Scratch and SEX BOBOMB (Scott Pilgrim vs the World)

Comet Crusade The Animorph

Chapters (7)

Tenchi Muyo X MLP
Nuada was a regular kid on earth until he got his copy of the 'Ultimate guide to Jurai, and related things,' upon opening the book Nuada found himself on Equestria, turned into a Juraian.
Thanks to Inazuma for making, Virgil:seeker of knowledge, who will be the source of Nuada's displacement.

Chapters (13)

Cancelled because it's an old fic I was trying to bring up and failing. In the distant future I might revisit this but I doubt it

My character Duncan, an immortal human ends up in Equestria. This is set after Duncan has been thru a few of my other personal stories first, as such his powers should be more developed than normal. However I want to focus more on character evolution and my writing with this, as this is my first story I am posting for others to read (other than my personal thought on the creation of Equestria story) my other goal is to learn to write better.

Chapters (3)

This is my thought on the birth of the world Equestria resides in, considering other worlds are apparently cannon, (Equestria Girls?) This is just some thoughts I had while working please don't take them too serious

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