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Twilight Sparkle decides to travel back in time to re-live her life in Ponyville.

And to fix all of the problems.

With varying degrees of success.

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When you're a princess, you learn that are many rules, restrictions, and regulations. Some ponies think that being a princess is an easy job, but they have no idea how wrong they are. It can be easy or hard, but when your country is a monarchy, you must shoulder the entire responsibility, with no real government to help you. You must take on the full weight of the title, "Princess," and make all of the decisions. Luckily for these two new princesses, they will share their rule evenly.

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As Luna wanders the streets of Canterlot, she wonders if things could have gone better 1,000 years ago, and if the citizens of Equestria will ever forgive and accept their true Princess of the Night.


Author's Note: So, I was listening to "On My Own" from Les Misérables, and it inspired me to some sort of sad story about a character feeling like they were being shunned or ignored, so yeah. I even listened to it as I worked, and "A Little Fall of Rain."

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