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Life is a funny thing. One day we are living our lives, unsure when it is to end, and before we know it its over. We are born with a uncertain future, bright eyed before life jades and snuffs it out, just to give birth to more light. And so the cycle continues. However, death is just as fickle. What happens when we die is a question many have questioned. Some believe in a abyss, nothingness, the end of existence. Some believe in a heaven, or hell, with many names and prerequisites for each, unique to each culture. From Valhalla to the Pearl Gates, to Hell and well.... Hel. But then there are those who believe in a cycle. Of a wheel in constant motion, one all life, no matter how small, are beholden to. Being born again, the soul unchanging, but the mind fresh and new.

I can firmly say, that all are true. It just depends on what you wish for.

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(Before any complaints, Yes I know Valstrax is not the most powerful Elder Dragon, but frankly, I find him to be the coolest, and we are each entitled to our opinions. Besides, there isnt much in the way of MH fan fics, so I thought I'd try something out.)

First things first, This is my private journal, that has been enchanted to let me know if anyone is getting into it. So unless I have given it to you or I'm dead, Expect a sonic boom followed by something red charging straight at you. Good? Cool.

So we have all heard of displacement. We have all read stories where we turn into our character from a game, or enter the world of it, or any number of combinations. Well I have to say this is a first, for me anyways, and no I'm sot talking about proving it's real or it happening to me in the first place.

No I'm talking about being turned into my favorite monster. You see, I play a lot of Monster hunter, and everyone has their favorite. Mine was Valstrax. The Rocket Powered Elder Dragon, as we fans call it. And that's not all, because of course not. Of course I'd be in a world called Equestria, where all fear me to be some creature made from a chaos god.

Well I shouldn't say all. Tia and Lulu seem to like me.

1/17/19: Featured.... WTF
5/10/19: Featured less than 20 minutes after posting. What the hell did I do to deserve you all.
8/13/19: You all are way too good to me. Featured again!

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It seems like so long ago... but I guess in a way it was. Days tend to blur when you are immortal. Entire generations gone in a blink, towns built and rise to become cities, empires, before inevitably falling... But Listen to me ramble, I don't think you came to hear me talk about the futility of most lives. As I was saying, It seems so long ago that My mother took me in, adopted me into her family with my other siblings. We were so happy, But like all good stories, something happened, something that became the catalyst for all future events and tore my new family apart.

My name is Ethereal Horizon, and this is the story of my broken family.

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My name is Aileen, and I am Tenno.

Now now, I wasn't always one, in fact I lived on earth and played Warframe, or watched My Little Pony. I lived a not so happy life but looking back, it could have been a hell of a lot worse than it was. Anyways, one day I was trying to sleep when I swear I heard the Lotus say the line from the Second Dream quest. When I awoke gone was my old 16 self, and hello a life of void powers, Adventure, torture and EQG.

one of these things is not like the other!

(Warning: This Story does contain spoilers for all Warframe lore that is out/to come. It will be updated and edited as more info is leaked out.)
(Note: This story might tie into my other story, but that is to be determined.

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