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A 18 year old author who just like roleplaying, writing, friends, and ponies. oh and Kingdom hearts, cant forget that :p


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The awesome thing is it is coming out a few days after my aniversery.

Anyways, even if you don't need help with anything, you just want to bounce ideas or whatever, just ask. With your stories I'm pretty sure you're good but hey, the offer is open

Nah. Im good. Trust me. I've played every game several times over. Gonna do it one more time bfore 3 comes out too.

Well I have the entire story memorized to a T, plus most of the powers and keyblades and other weapons. Need any help, just ask.

You've no idea. Honestly, I was planning on doing a story with Axel as the main character. Kinda similar to what Im doing now. Maybe I'll it after I finish Star Eater. Who knows.

  • Viewing 386 - 390 of 390
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