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I'm BACK! · 11:25pm Jul 21st, 2012

Like the title said, I'm back! Wooo!
I have sooo much to get back on, stuff to do etc. and whilst doing that, I have pretty much lost my voice so I sound like crap and feel a bit better than that.

Time to sleep, and tomorrow I'm starting on the 15 hour project that is one week's worth of activity.


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Happy Birthday to me! · 9:17pm Jun 14th, 2012

Yeah! Huzzah! And exclamations to that effect!

Yeah, it's my birthday and I had fun instead of studying (not that I was doing a great deal of that).
Watched Prometheus, just as mentally twisting as all other Alien movies, but Dr Shaw has some serious balls! Honestly, my friend said, and I quote: "She has 12 testicles".

Got a frisbee! Wooo! One to replace the one that broke a couple of weeks back! I'm back in the game, baby!

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