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Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, they say there's no better wizarding school in all of Equestria. Filled to the brim with talented ponies, teachers and staff that would gladly help out anypony in need. All of that completed with a number of different libraries, with books covering any single magical subject you could think about. Many famous ponies have already left these walls, some, however, were still polishing their skills under the watchful eyes of Princess Celestia herself. For instance, her favourite student, Twilight Sparkle, who at the time was in her final year of studies.

Or a certain colt with a short fuse, who cares for nothing but knowledge.

Now the young, very short tempered colt struggles to keep his sanity as he's bestowed with a role he didn't want to fill.

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It's been years since Twilight became a Princess, years since Rainbow became a Wonderbolt, and during all these years six best friends slowly drifted away from each other, not being able to meet on daily basis.

But even with all these new responsibilites every once in a while all six of them meet and have fun together, leaving their husbands to do chores and take care of the foals while they too have their "talks".

Cover art by Skjolty, original sketch of the cover art by kilala97

Story set in Kilala97 next gen.

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Crystal Clarity, a half dragon half pony, daughter of Spike and Rarity is fed up on notorious comments about dragons being dangerous and scary, after even her father and mother agree with that opinion she decides to prove to everypony that dragons are nice and polite. She heard stories about dragons living in the Everfree Forest, with her best friend at her side she will venture into the dangerous woods in order to prove her point.

Rated T for some jokes that aren't precisely meant for children.
This is my entry for Kilala97's Fun Fact Fanfic Contest.

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Discord and Luna are bored on the Hearths Warming Eve, meanwhile in the human world Santa's elves are working their hardest on the North Pole trying to make it in time before Christmas.

Unfortunately Santa just got ill and can't deliver the presents they will make. Will there be someone who can save Christmas? Or somepony?

[A/N] Cover art found on google search, used without permission. If its author will want me to take it down I will do so.

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Meet Stephanie, a young girl with no plans for future plans whose only concern was beating a next boss in her newest game.

She kept her normal life sane until one day, when she was given a chance of meeting somepony very special

Well she didn't really have a choice.

Rated T, cause I don't trust myself.
First time writing from a first person perspective, I wonder if I'll do a good job in this matter.

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Who needs a friends when you're a Princess of Equestria.

Was what Nidra, a bat-pony Princess, believed in as she spent her days on sleeping, hanging around the palace alone and once more sleeping.

That was until a day her mother decided it should be no more! With a help from Starburst she sends Nidra to Ponyville on a journey to find new friends.

Del was a simple farmpony, working on his mother's apple farm while slowly improving his already high cooking skills. He was a brave colt and didn't fear many things, but there was one animal that always made him pale upon seeing it.


Most of the OC's used in the story were created by kilala97
Rated Teen for swearing.

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It has been many years sine Annie passed away cause of old age.

Almost everypony managed to more or less move on, everypony but Princess Nidra.

And now she has to face another problem, her feelings for T are emerging once again and she doesn't know how to handle them.

Will she move on and accept T, or will she stay in this frozen state of sorrow.

Will somepony help her in making that decision?

[A/N] Characters belong to kilala97.
Disclaimer: This is first time I'm trying to write something that is supposed to "Hit ya right in the feels." Criticism and opinions are very welcome.

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Prism had rough time lately, few new fights with Illusion, getting even more scolding from his mother than usual and to top it all off, Fletcher, a super handsome mare magnet walked into his life.

So what else is to do with somepony like Fletcher, other when teaching him how to pickup mares?

Not that he needed that help anyways.

[A/N] Fletcher, Prism and Whirlwind all belong to kilala97

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Today is a big day for Starfall, he's going to have a dinner with his marefriend, sounds good? What if I tell you that her parents will also be present?

It shouldn't be a surprise that poor colt is feeling extremely nervous, so in order to help him, Twilight does what mothers do best.

Tells him an embarrassing story about her daughter.

[A/N] Starburst was created by kilala97, Starfall on the other hand belongs to Borsuq.


This story is in no way cannon to Stars in the Making

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Every stallion needs to go out with his friends without any mares around once in a while, join our heroes as they tighten their friendship through conversation and then through something more manly.

Unlike my previous "talk" stories, Girl Talk and Guy Talk this story will be longer than one chapter.

None of the Kilala characters are used directly in the fic, but they're mentioned more than once, story takes place in her universe (kilalaverse?) and was inspired by this Mom Talk.

(Also I don't really have any cover art that might suit this fic, so I will just silently hope that Kilala wants to make her own Dad Talk so I can use it as an cover art, with her permission of course.)

Rated T for swearing and some, well let's call them "adult themes"

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