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  • TThe Love in the Night
    Supernova is a normal soldier from night guard, Luna is a Princess of Equestria, and this is their love story.
    EPP · 70k words  ·  670  53 · 14k views
  • TGuy Talk
    Prism was having a hard time after his breakup with Whirlwind, what better solution then to have a guy talk with his friends. Right?
    EPP · 1.2k words  ·  117  5 · 4.8k views
  • TGirl Talk
    Starburst got invited to one of her friends girl talk, she didn't think that anything good can come out from this.
    EPP · 1.2k words  ·  135  8 · 5.2k views
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  • TWhen the booty doesn't call....
    To make himself feel better, and to prove that he's a good friend Prism decided to help Fletcher with picking up chicks. What he didn't know, is that it isn't Fletcher who needs help with that.
    EPP · 1.3k words  ·  44  0 · 1.7k views
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