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I'm a writer specializing in Age Regression stories, mental and physical. I am a MLP babyfur. There is nothing sexual about it for me. Please get to know me well before judging me or my OC.


Package delays... · 6:32pm Sep 3rd, 2014

So I was planning to write again once I got my new Laptop, but Newegg decides to be utterly stupid and make my 3-day shipping package (I paid extra for faster shipping) deliver in 9 days.

Yeah. I'm going to ask for a full refund, because that's just unacceptable. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

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Writing.... · 12:26am Aug 27th, 2014

So I've decided to delay some updates just 1-2 more days while I review them, instead of pushing them out after 2 edit runs when finished.

Hopefully this will improve the quality of my writing.

Equestrian Rival Online, Keys to the Missing, and Time for a Change are pending updates.

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Story updates · 3:02am Aug 22nd, 2014

I'll use this blog so you guys can keep track of when I will likely push out a new chapter to my stories. These are all estimates and subject to change. I will post a new blog update when there are major changes, such as publishing a new chapter of each fanfiction.

A Pacified Kingdom- 1-3 days
After Foal Games- Lost Memories 5-9 days

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Stand up strong · 6:38am Aug 21st, 2014

So my role-play family, critics, and friends have helped me see...

I will not give up.

I will stand strong. If haters want to make me infamous for my regression/diaper stories?

Fine. That's what happened to Pegacorn (Pattycakes Writer), and you know what, if that happens to me, I'll be fine with it!

I have my allies, friends, role-play family, and those I trust beside me.

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Writing motivation dead... · 5:01am Aug 21st, 2014

So one person... one person who didn't like my OC, who only read the OC bio decided that my OC and all my writing was terrible, thus she is getting all her friends to send me hate mail (mostly over skype) and dislike all my fics...

This really kills my motivation to write. I write to make people happy, but with this much hate, I just can't. Haters are continuing to flood my skype, and FF, disliking all my stories upon sight... I may cancel/remove/hiatus all my fics.

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Every cloud has a silver lining · 5:36am Aug 20th, 2014

So... I done derped and got suspended from my job for some time.

I decided to write to pass the time... and I think I may have rediscovered my motivation and passion. It's like a weak, dying ember, but I'm trying to blow it back into life. I want to write again, and I want to be creative again.

I'm going to try to push out some more work. Hooah. *grabs pen*

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Why do people....? · 4:55am Aug 18th, 2014

So, a little PSA... If it's all right for me to say this.
If you don't like it, please just ignore it.

I've been noticing something. A lot of people with rather... ideal lives, seem to think that it's 'cool' to have bad parents, an abusive past, etcetera, etcetera. I feel really offended by this.

I, personally, have had a very abusive past, and currently suffer from a number of issues, including PTSD, depression, a severe inferiority complex, and extreme social anxiety.

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Soon resuming writing · 8:01pm Jul 26th, 2014

Good news, guys, I'll be in my own apartment soon- that means I can write again! Thank you all for your patience! ~Dusk

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