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I am a big fan of T&F, Yugioh and sort of a fan of MLP: FIM. My favorite T&F character has, and always will be Thomas the Tank Engine.

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This is the story how one engine named Danny saved a tender engine named Twilight Sparkle from being scrapped. This story was inspired by two Thomas and Friends stories called "Rusty to the Rescue" and "Escape"

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This is the story of when Danny Ritchey, a 19 year old human from Durant, OK, went on an adventure he will never forget, and meet Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and then becomes Twilight's new best friend.

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This is how a certain human in Durant OK, and a certain nightmarish mare found out that they're both in love, and how she might just see that the one person who loves her for who she is just be the one who she meets on that faithful night, and the days that follow after they meet each other.

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