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I find that the plot is always the most important to me, everything else is just a wonderful bonus.

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This story is a sequel to The Other Ones of Me (A Mass Effect Crossover)

Shepard has made amends with Twilight and her friends, as well as have regained some of her memories, but she's still stuck in Equestria with no way back. Will Equestria be her new home, can a star traveller and war hero ever truly settle down in the peaceful lands of Equestria? Will she be able to settle down, maybe find a loved one and start a family, or will she ever become a wanderer?

This is the sequel to my first story, but this is also a start to a group of stories called EverFree, that I want to write. Hope you enjoy the sequel.

This story takes place before, during and beyond Season 4, so some (or maybe a lot) of elements will appear from the TV show.

Rated sex for some sexual elements that appear in this story.

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Equus, the ponies homeworld, was attacked by aliens, Equestria thought of a plan to save Equus, and it worked... almost.
A unspecific time later the effects of this plan was found by other aliens, a ruined ship drifting through space and on board nine ponies, kept alive in stasis for a very long time.
Now Twilight and the gang, plus three unwanted tag-a-longs, will have to restart their quest to save Equus. First they will need a new ship.
In this journey the ponies will make new friends and enemies, see strange, amazing and sometimes impossible technological wonders, met strange and sometimes very strange alien races, solve an Ancient mystery , gain new and amazing weapons, and who knows, maybe a bit of romance.

Edited by the wonderful TheLunarRepublic2244
Rated sex for mild nudity, sexual references and implied sex .
Warning: This story is a sometimes very stupid, you have been warned.
Most shipping in this is female homosexual with very few straight shipping.

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I was once Joy and now I am Sorrow.

A thing immune to magic and unable to be destroyed by force. We all thought it is impossible for such a thing to exist... But in Star Swirl the Bearded University, they proved us all wrong. They summoned a creature from a race of beings formed by magic and negative emotion. They merge it with a mare against her will and tried to bind it... they failed and payed the price. Now it is up to Elements of Harmony to stop the creature, but when they find it everything changes. Watch as they fight against two groups who wish to control the fate of Equestria if not the entire world and follow their journey to discover what it truly means to be a monster, what truly is evil and about a race of creatures that have always watched from the shadows and tried to make us happier.

Do not fear the shadows, fear those who cast them, for they are real and shadows are not. - the First.

Featured on 29/10/2016: Proudest day of my life!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

(Warning: This story contains slight bits of strong bits of gore and violence here and there. Also while I have tagged this romance, there won't likely be much. Also bad language!)

Proof read by my pain in the arse brother and the wonderful Bugze and now the also wonderful TheLunarRepublic2244. Also edited by one of my parents.

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Rainbow Dash has a dream. A dream to be Wonderbolt. It is also a dream that might get cut short because she just died. As she dies she meets Death(aka The Pale Pony) who cuts her a deal. She will give her some extra years of life to complete her dream if she does Death a favour.

Follow Rainbow Dash on weird journey to finish completing her dream and learn the true value of life and death, while also learn about the weird pony that is the Pale Pony.

(Warning this story contains: Death(unsurprisingly), implied sex, possible bad language, depression, mortality and weirdness. Ask a doctor before reading.)

Written by Dragon's Heart and co-written by my nuisance of a brother XYZDreadnought (Who also a grammar Nazi. Heil Oxford Dictionary). Also edited by my two pain in the ass Parents. Also proof read by Bugze(Thank you very much)


Also comments may contain spoilers.

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Commander Shepard, saviour of the universe multiple times, arch enemy to the Reapers and the greatest hero ever... or was she? How many Shepards failed and how many succeeded? Who went paragon and who went renegade? Who did right by the universe and who did wrong? Who betrayed his friends and who saved her friends, and who is the real Shepard? Was she male or was he female? Did Shepard love someone or not? And will Shepard ever find out, stuck on a primitive alien planet far away from home with hundreds of other Shepards yelling at her in her head? And to top it off she has become one of the aliens AND she has got a Reaper AI in her Omni-tool.

Can Twilight and her friends fix this broken woman, and find the true Shepard? Or are something's to broken to be fixed? And more importantly do they want to?

Set sometime between Equestria Girls and Season 4(You decide!)

(Warning: Contains swearing, deaths of lots of things beside ponies mostly monsters, also guns, violence, lost identity, blood, friendship, happy ending [hopefully], distrust. Contact a doctor before use.)

(Second Warning: Comments nearly always contain some spoilers, so read at your own risk)

Written by Dragon's Heart and co-written by my nuisance of a brother XYZDreadnought (Who also a grammar Nazi. Heil Oxford Dictionary). Also edited by my two pain in the ass Parents.

CoverArt by XYZDreadnought

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