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Simultaneously able to type 94 wpm and still take three years to finish a story. If you're feeling generous, throw a ko-fi at me.


Really? Of all the empty spaces in this bar, you choose the stool next to me? I'm not interested, dude. Trust me.

Say wha-? You think I have a story to tell? You're kidding me, right? Yeah, I got stories. Yes, I helped stop Nightmare Moon. Yes, I punched Discord in the face. I've faced a dragon and the queen of the changelings and lived to tell about it, and before you ask, the rainbow mane is natural, and so are the wi- oh, not like that?

Something about me, huh? Something that makes Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash? Why? Besides the obvious overdose of awesomeness, of course.

Huh. That's a strange special talent. Can't say I've seen story-finder before... Well, as long as you're here, I guess I could talk for a bit. But you’re buying your own drinks, ok?

Third place winner of the May contest in the SFNW

Chapters (2)

Fa'al Zuref has been charged with Poniphilia and High Treason, crimes which carry the death penalty for a changeling. Queen Lectin has decided to hear her answer to these accusations.

This is the story she told.

Originally written for the Equestria Daily Outside Insight contest.

Chapters (1)

Everypony has secrets. Some secrets are embarrassing. Some secrets are just things you don't want to share publicly with others. Other secrets can rock your relationship to the core if revealed...

Written for the X Becomes a Changeling May Prompt.

Chapters (3)

Packing up your entire life and moving to Ponyville? Not a problem. Starting your business from scratch (again)? Piece of cake. Getting others to accept your lifestyle? Filly, please. Give me a real challenge.
Getting ready for a wedding? ...Come on. This is Ponyville. Fifty bits says you can't even get past the invitations without something going wrong.

Chapters (5)

"Awkward, but worth it."
This is the phrase Twilight Sparkle used when Rainbow Dash first attempted to work up the courage to confess her love for Applejack. Rainbow quickly realized that she was right--it was awkward, but worth it. What she didn't realize was just how applicable that statement would be throughout all her life. That first conversation. That first kiss. That first night spent together. That time Apple Bloom walked in on them. That first apology after their first argument. The arrival of that acceptance letter. And on so many more occasions.
Throughout it all, Rainbow kept smiling.
It was awkward, yes. At times so much so that she wished she could sink into the ground and disappear forever.
But in the end, every time--every time--it was always so very, very worth it.

Dear Tchernobog: This is all your fault. I hate mildly disapprove of your guts. Sincerely, bt.

Chapters (29)

Rainbow Dash saved Spike from a dragon attack--and paid for it dearly. Now she's severely scarred on one half of her body, in constant pain, and unable to fly, and she becomes a recluse in her own house. Spike feels guilty but helpless, and recent ex-marefriend Applejack is determined to get her out of her house and back to normal.
But when you take everything away from a pony, how can you expect her to ever be normal again?

Special thanks to DbzOrDie for ideas for, support of, and general pestering until the completion of this story.

Chapters (11)

Big Macintosh has loved Fluttershy for a long time. In fact, he was ready to propose the next chance he got.

There was only one small problem. Turns out Fluttershy is betrothed already, to another pegasus. And why are they calling her Warbringer?

Either way, Mac isn't about to let anything stand in his way of being with the one he loves.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to For The One You Love

There's nothing like the birth of a new foal to give a little joy (and a little chaos) to your lives. Little Apple Fritter has done just that, working his way into everpony's heart with just an adorable yawn and a giggle. Everypony thinks he's the best thing since oats: his parents, his grandparents (on both sides), his mother's friends, his father's family, his mother's ex-fiancé...

Wait. What?

Chapters (9)

No one said a relationship would be easy. Wallflower Blush may be going out with the most popular girl in school, but that won't stop her from taking missteps and making mistakes. Some of these memories are so embarrassing she'd rather forget them.

But when it comes to relationships, all memories are worth keeping.

Written for the Journeys: Sunset Shipping Contest.

Chapters (5)

Rainbow Dash discovers that she's half earth pony. She decides to embrace this fully, much to Applejack's consternation.

Written for the fourth AppleDash contest (exploring the past, a minor character with a speaking role).

Chapters (6)
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