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Cottoncandy Soldier, a twenty-year-old colt living in the harsh and unforgiving city of Manehatten, during the harsh, cold, unforgiving reign of Apathy, feels that things are never going to get better for him. He has never felt the magic of friendship, or the power of love. Each day he goes to work alone, walks home alone, goes to bed alone and does practically everything alone. He has been bullied all his life, and is a social outcast. He feels that no-one wants him, no-one needs him. But boy is he wrong. There is a filly who sees him as a friend, a confidant, and a savior. A filly who's had multiple dreams about him. A filly to whom he means so much. And there's a planet that needs him. A planet which only they are qualified to save. Because they are the only children left with the power of kindness, the only children who truly, truly have the friendship of magic within them. And the Elements of Harmony, well, they are looking for new bearers. In this futuristic world, old royalty lies dead, old comradery lies waiting rebirth.

This is set in a future where Equestria is a lot like Earth and had most of the same technologies.

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