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Lord Sylus of Night

Just your friendly neighborhood clopfic writer ;)

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A New Generation

Welcome to my domain...

The domain where death rules the streets and lets the blood soak into the salted earth. Welcome to the Night. No mere mortal may live to see this place of gloom and darkness. Undead are only permitted here, or individuals I deem worthy of seeing its pale light.

Remember that you are in my domain, if you prove unworthy. You are not immortal if you bleed, and everyone bleeds in the Night. Keep to the shadows and I very well might allow you to stay. I offer very little mortals a chance to see the Night and its splendors.

When we are not feeding on the innocent, we are reading good stories. Here we accept fics of all kinds. Horror, clop, and on occasions fluff and slice of life.

Stay, and let the darkness fold around you, and embrace you in its broken wings.

Your lord of Night,


I'm Back...Again · 12:15am Nov 17th, 2016

What is this you all hear? Is it the voice of God? Wushu? No, it's just another shitty brony author.

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Hi my names Lily and I’m a big fan of yours! I was wondering when The Rise Of The Sith will be updated because it’s my favorite story along with its prequel. I desperately want to see a relationship between Vesper and Nightmare Moon that would be amazing!

I ask again are you going to finish the sith story

Not dead, just a really L O N G hiatus. I’m back now though. Regluar updates will be added. Lost some steam that’s all.

So we dead or...?

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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