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Blue Sparkle 227

MLP:FIM fan who likes to read stories, either fanfictions or not. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, I'm a TwilightxFlash shipper and my favorite OC is Nyx by Penstroke.

Stuff about my universe

Favorite character: Princess Twilight Sparkle (because we both love to read):

Favorite pairings: Princess Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry, Rainbow Dash/Soarin', Applejack/Caramel, Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich, Rarity/Spike, Fluttershy/Maximus Sycamore aka "Max" (My OC), Octavia/Vinyl Scratch, Lyra/Bon Bon, Derpy/The Doctor, Berry Punch/Minuette, Beauty Brass/Fiddlesticks

Favorite OC: Nyx (propety of Penstroke)

My OCs

Maximus "Max" Sycamore: Large pegasus stallion, dark brown coat, green mane and tail, green hooves and amber eyes; sycamore tree as a cutie mark. At first glace shy and quite despite his large size, he's pretty kind and friendly once he opens up. Max adores are plantlife, mainly trees, but loves more his friends and family and will confront anyone who treatens them. His Fluttershy love interest. Has a pet woodpecker called Woody.

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