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Okay, can't make this leave my head, so obviously I must discuss it! · 10:10pm May 27th, 2012

This is random...ish?

Dunno, oh well.

So, I was listening to the Pretenders sing I'll Stand By You.

I haven't a clue whether or not this has been thought of or done before

Anyway, as I listened to this song, it occurred to me how much is sounded to me like Rainbow Dash talking to Pinkie after her Pinkamena episode in Party Of One

It also occurred to me just how profoundly appropriate this is for shipping them. I've read the lyrics through, and it all sounds completely relevant.

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Insanely long delay · 11:46pm May 2nd, 2012

Well, this is an apology to everyone for the ridiculous amount of delay on updates.

So, I've gone on a road trip back to my hometown in order to be near my grandmother in what are probably going to be her last few months. Dementia is setting in, and I'm among the few folks she remembers consistently. That's a tough woman, and it's hard to see her that way.

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Oooh... Blogging!! · 7:19am Mar 14th, 2012

How'd I go a week without doing this? Absurd.

Okay, so what do I want to do with this? Well, I think I'd like to start with gratitude.

Thank you those of you who commented, both good and bad.

Some comments left me scratching my head, but mostly they were crystal clear.

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