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Apple Bloom trudged toward Carousel Boutique on her way to pick up Sweetie Belle while Scootaloo was beside her grumbling in annoyance. The Crusaders had just been trying out the fireworks Scootaloo had gotten her hooves on. Besides it was only one building, ONE BUILDING, and it wasn't even a big building. But now they were being forced to clean up the mess, but Apple Bloom had a feeling she'd be doing most of the work. If only they had a spell that would speed up the process, and it couldn't be any more of a coincidence that a certain purple alicorn was visiting. Besides even if the spell does mess up, its not like a simple cleaning spell can go so wrong.

It couldn't have gone worse.

Now their stuck in a world they don't know with basically all of Ponyville looking toward a certain princess for help. But Twilight has no idea what went wrong with the spell and without having access to her supply of magic books back in the library she has to figure this out on her own. It seems that even though the spell took all the ponies it left all inanimate objects, buildings and other creatures behind. But maybe the strangest thing that happened was to their appearance. All the full grown ponies now stood at six feet or more with the kids reaching three to four feet, with long legs and barrel like bodies these ponies had been turned to full on horses. None of the ponies no what lies beyond the giant clearing they appeared in, and none dare venture into it's dark depths...except for three fillies with the need to adventure.

---------the cover image belongs to its original creator and i take no credit for its creation

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