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The Shards.

Plate and Blade, deadly alone, nigh unstoppable in tandem.

These relics of war were thought to only exist in Roshar, land of the Raidiants and Voidbringers.

Clearly, this is not the case.

Stormlight Archive and Pones. Not a direct crossover- unless I wanna go that way -but it incorperates things from the series.


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Logan Valla - A British young adult computer genius, one of the smartest minds of his time.
Hannah Hill - Texan teenage farmer, tough as nails, and stubborn as a mule.
Ace - Orphaned russian, trained himself in the art of shooting from the young age of seven.

These three are about to be sent to a world where reality itself unfolds and gives way to chaos...
And ponies can talk.

Will they be able to save Equestria and Earth, not just from hordes of demons-
But from themselves?


Colab fic with the awesome Paradox Theory.

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Equestria is an old land, and thus, has its fair share of tall tales and stories.

Stories of a lost continent to the north, of a shining tyrant, and of extrordinary abilities that nopony has seen since the first days of Equestria..

Of course, over time, these stories faded into myth, and then to legend, until a handful of ponies even remembered them.

However, history has a bad habit of repeating itself.

It's time for a new age, the age of The Heralds.

This is a redo of the original FFF. I'm going to scrap what I have now and rewrite the beginning of the story, simply because I was awful back then, and am decent now.

An editor would still be awesome.

~Wish I Was There

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