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This is the prologue to a story I will likely never write. The inspiration for it came to me just after I finished listening to FO:E for the third time. It eventually morphed itself into the prologue for the story that will never be written. Why will it never be written? Four reasons: One, I lack motivation. Two, I am utterly terrible at putting what's in my head onto paper, and I'm even worse at making it look as good as it did in my head. Three, This story is not really finished. It has evolved in my head for years now, and it's kind of like my baby, I don't want to publish it unless I'm absolutely sure It's ready. And four, the actual story would involve WAY too many characters for me to actually write, with Fallout:Equestria, and MLP in general only being one of MANY characters featured, I doubt it would count as "pony" enugh to be on Fimfiction. But if enough people are dying to know what the heck is going on after reading this, I might publish a basic outline of the story. Oh and this also features my OC, which isn't technically a pony. he plays a huge part in my story, but this one gives almost no information on him. If enough people are interested, I may post his Bio.

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The day of sunshine and rainbows, the day the wasteland was saved. The day Littlepip brought back the sun. Everything wasn't perfect, but there was hope that tomorrow would be a better day. Well, let's just see if it was, shall we?

"Once upon the time, in the magical land of Equestria... 10,000 years later"

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Optimus Prime destroys the rainbow factory COVER ART NOT MINE

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My very first fanfic EVER. This story is a crossover of Transformers and MLP. Please note: This takes place in the Transformers: Prime universe, just before the events of Transformers: prime Beast hunters: Predacons rising. As this is not just my first fanfic, but the first story I have ever legitimately written, EVER, Constructive criticism would be nice. I don't expect much from this story, but it probably won't end up being more than 4 or 5 chapters. *COVER ART NOT MINE* My Little Pony and Transformers: Prime belong to Hasbro, and are not mine.

What will happen when two deceptacons suddenly show up in ponyville? will help arrive in time, or is ponyville doomed to destruction, along with the rest of equestria? read to find out! Rated Teen because of blood

The funny thing is, i wrote this so that my sister wouldn't. We were watching Transformers: Prime, and Optimus Prime was fighting zombies. Then, while he was killing zombies, my sister got this idea. "Bro! I have an idea! A pairing I must make! Of Optimus and Celestia!" and I said "Sis, no. just no. Optimus is just too epic to be defiled like that." and then she said "But Optimus could transform into a pony and they could be together!" she said, beginning to laugh her head off, then i said "Optimus is too big to be a pony. And just no. It just sounds wrong." Then i started telling her about how the story should be like this story, then I said "You know what? This is a GREAT Idea and I am TOTALLY going to write a story off of it, so that YOU can't" and then she said "Okay"[

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