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There's a lot of good fanfic here.


A question regarding season 9 · 3:28am Oct 15th, 2019

First of all I haven't seen any of season 9 so please don't spoil it. Secondly, does anyone know when season 9 will come to an online streaming service like Netflix? I can't actually see what episodes Netflix has without buying a subscription. It doesn't have to be netflix, any legal online streaming service that doesn't charge per-episode. I'd like to be able to watch season 9 but I don't have live TV so I couldn't watch them as they aired and finding episodes online is really difficult.

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Im going INSANE!!! · 3:56am Feb 20th, 2014

I am currently waiting on, like, five different stories, at LEAST, to be updated. every day, I check, because I have it set to notify me when they are updated, and every day, I find they are not updated. Not even one. I AM GOING INSANE!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!

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