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I'm just a guy who wants to write something worth reading.


WHAT THE HECK! · 4:44am Aug 15th, 2014

This video is is about how the police in a town in Missouri, Ferguson if I'm correct, are trying to cover up a story of how a police officer killed a black adult male, in cold blood, and then brought the swat team in to deal with a peaceful protest, also these police are being supported by the KKK, what the hell!

I can not believe that this is happening.

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Awesome PMV! · 2:57am Jun 27th, 2014

It was just put out yesterday, and I love it!

That last part with Flash Sentry was the best.

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Luna ships ponies too. · 7:07pm Jun 23rd, 2014

I just found this and it gave me a laugh, so i thought i'd share.

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Help, I'm being indecisive. · 11:25pm Jun 8th, 2014

So I haven't been able to do any writing lately, I've had to many ideas floating through my head, and I can't decide what i should work on, so I'm going to ask you people.

So, which of these ideas do you guys think I should work on first?

1: Twidash In A Box, just a short little one shot of twilight and Rainbow shipping themselves.

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I did an art. · 1:35am May 2nd, 2014

i drew this last night and I think I'll use it for my avatar for now.

What do you people think? It's Woona in a fez.

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I DID IT!! · 12:14am Apr 30th, 2014

I don't know how nut in the last few days I've been able to finish my entry for this contest, now I'm just waiting for the last bit of proof reading to be finished then I'll edit it and, BOOM! I did cut it close though.

thanks again, Bassline and Melody, you're awesome!

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I just broke my own personal record! · 1:51am Apr 28th, 2014

I just wrote around 600 words in about 2 hours, considering it took me a week to write 1000 words before I think that's an improvement!

I don't know if I'm going to make the dead line for this contest, but I'm going to try!

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50 Questions... everyone else is doing it, so, yeah. · 12:06am Apr 8th, 2014

1. What's your name? - Samson A. Macri
2. How old are you? - 16
3. What country do you live in? - Canada
4. What do you look like? - how do I get pictures on this thing?
5. Who do you wish you looked like? - my self
6. How did you come across MLP? - my friend told me about Fo:E I read it then started watching episodes, and vwala!
7. Favourite Ship and Why? - Twidash, it really good

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