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Beta Readers needed for Ace Attorney / MLP crossover fic · 1:10am Jan 25th, 2016

Hello! LevelHeadedBrony here!

For a school research project, I was allowed to write fanfiction as a part of research onto online fiction writing, and so I am in desperate need of beta-readers. Right now I'm finishing up outlining the end of the book, but I'll have a few chapters available on the 27th on a Google Doc.

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Another Update and Plans for the Future · 7:45pm Sep 13th, 2014

Hey guys. Sorry about the inactivity, but school's really busy.
Anyway, here's an update on my writing and so forth.

1. I have officially canceled A Level Headed Stallion as writing slice of life grew tiring and boring. I plan to rework the back-story into the Ace Attorney Series as flashbacks or internal dialogue.

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Update! · 11:33pm May 7th, 2014

Hey everybody. Sorry about my lack of being on, really busy with stuff right now. Anyway, I have two important announcements:

1. I will be soon terminating "A Level Headed Stallion". I really have lost my inspiration to right slice of life stuff, because it feels too boring. Never fear, because the story will be re-worked in my upcoming fics so it's less boring.

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