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We Focus on the PLOT collab is out · 1:49am May 3rd, 2015

For the past year I've been a staff member for the group "We Focus on the PLOT", which (go figure) is all about dat ass. Last week I submitted a short story that is now the lead-off chapter of a collab. If you've liked my stories so far, please check out the collab project here. Enjoy!


Starting up again soon · 4:09am Mar 29th, 2015

The other day I had a flash of inspiration, and I'll be writing a sequel to one of my existing stories. Tomorrow I'll map it out, and maybe even start the actual writing. It should be a lot of naughty fun :)


Wow...whew knew? · 8:49am Jan 9th, 2015

I took a look at the stats, and was surprised to find that two of my stories (those told from first person Cadance POV) were ranked among the top 1,000 stories on this site. Holy crap. I guess I should shake the rust off and keep exploring that particular vein of inspiration.

Update: apparently among stories rated "Mature", my stories are rated #8 and #9. Of all time. WTF. Ok, I definitely need to get back to work.


Quick intro · 10:14pm Mar 9th, 2014

This account is basically an alter ego, where I can share some of my more raunchy stories with reckless abandon. Sometimes it's comedy. Sometimes it's adventure. But all of it is clop. Still, I try to make it well-written, even if its subject matter is silly and one-dimensional. I hope you all have as much fun reading these stories as I did writing them.

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