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Both characters are owned by Kilala97

Based on her post 'Helping Brother Fly'

Turquoise Blitz was born with wings, but like all other flying ponies it was hard for him to start flying. One day when he tries to fly; his sister, Claire, sees him and decides to offer her help the only way she knows how to. Things only improve for the young kirin once his father decides to help him through his learning process.

Submission for Kilala97's Fun Fact Contest

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It’s Crystal Clarity’s birthday, all of her friends and family have come to celebrate with her. At the end of it all, her dad, Spike, gives her a gift that is long overdue; One that’ll last a lifetime.

Character’s owned by Kilala97

This story is something that I thought about on my own, and kilala has no picture of this, it's sorta something I thought of one day while I had nothing better to do.

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