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This story is a sequel to Dangan RomPonya

It had been five years since the incident at Hope's Peak Academy. It had to take some time but eventually the prestigious school was open again and with a new twist. Along with the 'Super High School Level' programme, every year it would switch places with a 'Super Middle School Level' programme.

Techno Blast is a young Pegasus that was asked to be part of the first ever 'Super Middle School Level' class at Hope's Peak Academy as a Super Middle School Level Inventor.

He is able to spend a little bit of time to introduce himself to the rest of the students in his class before he realizes all to soon what he had gotten himself into....

A direct sequel to 'Dangan RonPonya' and is suggested that you read that first before this unless you want to be spoiled on that story.

Warning! This story DOES have spoilers for the first and second Dangan Ronpa game, if you haven't played those yet, be wary when reading.

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WARNING! This story, DOES, have spoilers for the first and a tiny bit of the second games in the series so be careful when reading.

Serenade Stereo never had much 'luck' in his life. There was never a dull moment at least.

One day he receives a letter from the mysterious 'Hope's Peak Academy' explaining that they had seen his work and would like him to attend their school as one of the 'Super High School Level' students.

As he crosses the gate he passes out and wakes up with 15 other ponies his age also accepted for their talents as 'Super High School Levels'. They soon learn that they aren't there for their talents at all, but to be forced by a demonic creature that goes by the name 'Monkuma' to live in his 'School Life of Mutual Killings'...

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