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A rainbow dash lover i mean i love her, i mean i has a crush on her


Found my IRL Rainbow dash, Advice · 1:56am Feb 23rd, 2014

I am so happy, I found my IRL rainbow dash Online she is exactly like RD in every way, she is a pegasister, and quite the extreme one, because she always wears a rainbow tail, and she dies her hair like RD, I facetimed her, I talked to her, and she lives in the same state I do, just in the coastal plain, I'm not sure what to do though, she says that she might drive up to see me in person, Although I'm excited about this, me and her have done some sexual roleplay on the phone, I'm not sure if im

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If I were to make a story about me and my followers, · 9:43am Feb 22nd, 2014

If I were to make a story about me and my followers going to equestria to fight off armies of aliens/changelings, would it work?

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