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Condemned last chapter · 3:52pm Nov 13th, 2014

Sadly it's more of a wrap-up than anything else; I don't think I was going to top the last two chapters anyway. Should the commissioner order another part, I'll be delving into the events that happen in their new little kingdom or decide who will knock up who. Four-pony relationships are really complicated.

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Rawr · 4:55am Nov 13th, 2014

I suppose I should make new blog posts sometimes. Anyway...
I'll be posting 2 chapters of Celestia's Relaxing Vacation each week for a while, as well as the last chapter of Condemned and should get to the third part of Twilight Takes Charge within a few weeks. I'll also be releasing chapters for Hoo whenever I happen to have an idea and time to write on it. Feel free to poke me with ideas if you have them as well.

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Stuff · 8:58pm Oct 5th, 2014

I haven't done a post in a while so I'll do an update.
Condemned and Twilight Takes Charge both have three sections with around five chapters each, and I'll keep releasing it one chapter a week until they are done. I'm working on another story I can start releasing eventually too.

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Condemned chapter 1.2 · 3:57am Aug 8th, 2014

A new chapter for Condemned! I'm very sorry, but it's a plot related chapter; it may be the first chapter I've ever done on this account with no sex in it. Please don't hurt me! More happy-fun-time next chapter!

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Spikey WIkey done. · 11:24pm Jul 12th, 2014

And so the finale! Spikey Wikey is officially complete, and I'll be moving on to a few commissions afterward. They probably won't be quite as amazingly sick as Spikey Wikey since I have to keep myself in check based on the request, but I hope they will still be likeable. Also thanks to Panzertank who is making me cover images for some of my stories, including Spikey Wikey.

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Last Spikey Wikey (theoretically) · 12:09am Jul 9th, 2014

I'm still not quite sure what to do with the last chapter of Spikey Wikey, aside from the obvious with the two remaining princesses. It worked before, so if anyone has any requests or ideas for that chapter, feel free to poke me :)

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One more chapter left? · 9:25pm Jun 28th, 2014

Almost done with Spikey Wikey! I'm not really that satisfied with this last chapter, but I'm rarely satisfied so that's okay.
Not sure how long it will take for the last chapter as 1) I'm not really sure how to take care of Celestia and Luna and 2) I'm about to start a difficult class and may have less time to write. (Or it might be easier than I thought and everything be okay, I don't know).

Anyway, have the new chapter.

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Not so much an intermission · 6:00pm Jun 23rd, 2014

This chapter was called Intermission because it was intended as a short little extra explaining how Spike prepared for going after the princesses, but it sort of ballooned into a whole chapter itself. Oops!

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Two for One Deal · 1:53am Jun 21st, 2014

New chapter of Spikey Wikey. This one is waaay longer than I intended, seems they're getting longer and longer. So yeah, I'm sorry for that if it bothers you. Now I just have to figure how to come to a close, or if this is a good enough close.

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Another Spikey Wikey · 10:35pm Jun 14th, 2014

This chapter is a bit long, but he had more to do, and I kept having new ideas. I don't know if I'll be able to top this chapter, but I'll do my best. Fluttershy is next, followed by Rainbow Dash/Scootaloo. I have some idea what I'll do for Fluttershy, none for what I'll do with Rainbow. If I ever do get to that point, we'll see if we can put some princesses on his to do list.

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