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I am the Element of Surprise! I love to write, sketch and design cool stuff. I also love pie, cats(though I'm terribly allergic), butterflies, and owls. Derpy is my spirit animal.

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Twilight is all alone while Spike is out trick-or-treating with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she's writing her weekly report to Princess Celestia, when she begins to hear odd sounds. She receives an odd visit from Pinkie Pie dressed as a raven.

Takes place between The Best Night Ever and The Return of Harmony

Edgar Allan Poe, I am so sorry. Based on the poem, The Raven.
The crude cover art is made by me.

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Discord, after the events of the Return of Harmony has escaped. He returns to his old chaotic ways until a certain unicorn he made immortal at a young age returns, taking an offer made a thousand years ago. She will live with him forever, if he stops turning Equestria into his own personal carnival. He takes her up on the offer. What happens? What else? Chaos ensues.

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Fluttershy's First Birthday since her wedding! Everypony's excited! Discord has some big plans for the big day, but Fluttershy's got a big surprise for him herself..... Find out in Fluttershy's Birthday!

Chapters (1)