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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · 12:31am May 1st, 2016

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! the website I used to watch the show Doesn't host it anymore!!! would someone share a link to a new site please!

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Good News!!! · 2:26am Jun 8th, 2014

Good News all!

on 6/3/2014 I got the word that I passed my security clearance check to keep my job, so now I can start training and also I qualify for promotions as well.

I have a story idea that Im working on. but Im a very very very slow writer. That being said, I have an idea everyone will like the story when I finally do get around to writing the first part of it.

Until Next time all

Safe Paths and Successful Hunts


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Finally a Job · 5:29pm Feb 2nd, 2014

Well all, I have some GOOD news, after being out of work since 10/2012, I was hired for a phone bank job on 1/27/2014. so during the week my reading time will be limited.

I have a couple story ideas as well. one is what would happen if one of my Rp characters from chatrooms got taken to Equestria, and that might be a multi-chapter one, to a one shot of what a Personal Guard is willing to sacrifice to keep his oath.


Until Next time


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Hello all · 8:29pm Jan 20th, 2014

Im not really a writer, more a reading freak, if it's furry Ill read it. although I do own and run a chatroom with a Winged Wolf Sorcerer named HEWOLF. and the room idea is my own unique creation.

so if U are stuck, or want help, just ask. if Im available Ill be more than happy to help



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