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Recursive fanfic of vdrake77’sThe Changeling of the Guard.’ TCOTG/Power Ponies/Into the Spiderverse fusion fic.

Idol Eyes, sidekick to Maretropolis’ most toxic villain, “The Bugisher,” does not dream of greater things. Regardless of what schemes his employer might put into practice, Idol has never truly believed that his efforts could change his life for the better. Unbeknownst to our villain, however, a reckoning is coming, and Idol Eyes will soon be forced to learn the art of self-improvement.

One way or another.

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Recursive fanfic of vdrake77’s “The Changeling of the Guard.” Following the trend started by “Idol Hooves at a Canterlot Wedding” by Airy Words. This is “Idol Hooves After a Canterlot Wedding,” in which Idol Hooves is out of town during the Changeling invasion, gets back about a week later, and then proceeds to freak everyone out with his reaction to the news.

Chapters (1)
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