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This story is a sequel to Comet Chaser - Busy for a Birthday

When Breeze Chaser chose to teach at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, she didn't think she was signing up for this.

Comet Chaser has a lot to deal with between his meetings with Spitfire and his overly-stressed (as usual) wife.

These two, however, wouldn't have it any other way. Well, maybe with one less dragon attacking, but then, when is life ever perfect?

(Knowledge of Prequel not necessary to understand story, but you should give it some love anyway)
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Apple Bloom, like we all feel at some point in our lives, feels alone in the world.
Twilight, the Princess of Friendship, is doing everything she can to fit that title.
So when Twilight finds Apple Bloom crying at the base of a tree, she makes sure to be exactly the friend Apple Bloom needs. Unfortunately, Apple Bloom gets a little too attached.

Warning: Contains moments of extreme feels. You have been warned
Requested by: Brony250

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Pinkie Pie argues with a lamp. What more is there to be said? She's proud of her parties and refuses to take any of that lamp's criticism.

This is just something random I wrote to get rid of stress. This is not meant to be taken seriously at all.

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Celestia and Luna are very competitive. So much so that when they find out that they're both in love with Twilight Sparkle, they decide there's only one way to handle this: becoming mortal. Will their disappearance weaken Twilight's availability for love, or will she choose a sister to spend her eternal life with?

Cover art by Xazteiin: http://xazteiin.deviantart.com/

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