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Wherein I make promises I can keep! · 10:41am Oct 31st, 2013

Wow, has it really been this long? I can only assume that it has been, and that it's not the calendar screwing with me.

First off, a tanks to all the people who have read, liked, favorited, and commented on my stories. I love being loved, what can I say? And more, thanks to you for sticking around while I sort of... derped off into the wild yonder of video games, unemployment, and more than my share of writer's block.

You'll be happy to know, there is stuff coming!

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There will be stuff! Soon! · 10:20am Sep 7th, 2012

My schedule has been hectic, and several non-pony writing projects have pulled my attention away from what I've started. So here's what I've got on the docket, in order of when you can hope to see it;

1) A third chapter for Are You Ready To, Rumble?, proving to everyone that yes, I don't know when to stop.

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Oh good lord, my precious brain-juices! · 12:01pm May 1st, 2012

Wow. So here I sit looking at all the favorites, likes, and comments on "Are You Ready To, Rumble?" and people asking for a second chapter, and it's a mix of feelings. First, of course is "Oh god, the thing I'm most-known for on the internet is clopfic!" followed by "well, at least I'm not that known!" Second, more importantly, it's a little twinge of happiness that, whatever the snarky inner opinion of mine says, people seem to be enjoying this little bit of my work.

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