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Pinkie's not one for losing ponies... or alligators.
So when she loses her one and only pet, what is she to do?

Maud, for one, knows that she must be there for her little sister.

(Proofread by JBL)

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I'm not bad. Or at least I wasn't always so bad as others see me now. I used to be loved by ponies, loved by the Princess. But then... Then things went out of control. I couldn't stop them, and I found myself falling away from the mare I once was...

What do we know about the mysterious Sunset Shimmer? Well, she's a talented unicorn who was a studen of Princess Celestia, and then something happened to her that made her lose faith in herself. Something so terrible that made her run away from everything familiar to her. Celestia claims that it was simply due to her being impatient with her own development.
Who'd believe such a simple story?
Join Sunset Shimmer as she tells her tale and makes new friends, and learns some things about herself along the way.

(Human tag b/c includes EG universe) (Additional tags: [Reforming] [Uplifting] [Friendship] [Learning from Mistakes])

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My name is Maud Pie.
I'm grey, like a rock.
I like rocks.
I live on a rock farm.
I have a sister. Her name is Pinkie Pie. Everypony likes her. She is my little sister. She's pink, like rock candy. Which is still a rock.
I like rocks.

(Credit to Raikoh-illust for cover art)

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When given two choices, how can you decide which is the right one to make? Some would say the right path is always the harder one. Others might advise you to take the easy way out. But when both options involve ponies you love and care for, how can you choose?
How can you choose between lives?
Especially when one of them happens to be a newly crowned Princess?

Join Trixie Lulamoon, a unicorn who's lived a life of bad choices, as she tries to make things right. As she truly becomes great and powerful.

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In other lands, the title doesn't hold nearly as much power as it does in Equestria.
But then again, being an Equestrian Princess comes with many more responsibilities than you would ever imagine. Other than the expected political responsibilities and the like, a Princess must be kind, loving, and as strict as a mother, for all of Equestria are her foals. She must spread a sense of peace and unity across the land, and protect her citizens with her life.
It is not easy being a Princess in Equestria. Especially since it comes with the burden of immortality.
Of course, most would see that as a blessing.
But not the Princess of Magic. Not the embodiment of Friendship.
Not when all her friends are long gone.

How can she uphold her duty as Princess when she simply doesn't care anymore?

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Pinkie Pie has been feeling a bit odd lately. Butterflies in her stomach, a tingling in her hooves, a loss for words... And only when HE is around. This "he" is Cheese Sandwhich, and she can't stop thinking about him!

But why?

Will they get their happy ending?

(Main Characters: Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich)

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Note to self:
Eat that cake Friday! Or else Luna gets it...

Discord scratched his goat-beard-like goatee, eyeing the note attached to the small refrigerator.
"I knew sneaking in here was worth it." He smirked. "Celestia's private cake, in her own private fridge... I'd be stupid not to take it..."
He looked around to make sure that no one was looking.
"Whelp, finders keepers!"
"Discord?!" A terrifyingly familiar voice called out from behind him.

All Discord wanted was some cake. Sure, it belonged to Miss Sunbutt, but that just made it all the sweeter! It would have been nice if he hadn't been caught in the act though...
And neither one is willing to let it go.

(definitely not my best; didn't really put much effort into it. Just a sort of test-drive on FimFiction.)

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