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Con Arty

Don't ever buy tickets to a con artists' convention. Chances are when you get there, no one else will be there...


New Story: Pebble · 2:52am May 1st, 2014

Story Name: Pebble
[Sad] [Slice of Life]
Description: Pinkie's not one for losing ponies... or alligators.
So when she loses her one and only pet, what is she to do?
Maud, for one, knows that she must be there for her little sister.

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NAME CHANGE · 2:13am Apr 30th, 2014

I was Mr. Discord, but now I'm Con Arty!


-Con Arty

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On "-body"s and "-pony"s. · 2:38am Jan 22nd, 2014

As a being of chaotic nature, I can only have so many pet peeves. But I can tell you that this is certainly one of them.

Call me Sparkle, but there is a difference between "everyone" and "everybody".

Everyone = every individual
EX: Everyone in the class is invited to my slendorifous party!

Everybody = everyone in a group, as a group.
EX: Everybody came to my party!
(This works because in my previous sentence, I identified the invitees as a group.)

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