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Thank you and goodnight.

Have some Luna!

Writing Works in Progress

Luna and the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Progress: 1%

Shattered Consciences
Progress: Cancelled

Sol Dust
Progress: Hiatus

All stories have been cancelled, though it's not like anyone
would have been looking for them anyway.

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Thank you and goodnight, FimFiction. It was fun.

2295267 Glad to be of help, just sorry that I can't be of help any sooner :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for all the reviewing you'eve been doing, I know you don't have a lot of free time so it means a lot to me!

2266773 Alright. I know what I'm doing when your request box is open.


do you only do completed works, or In Progress as well?

I do both! But, full disclaimer: the review is really only going to be as complete as the story is at the time of the review. Basically if I were to review an incomplete story it would only really be accurate to the state of the story at that time.

  • Viewing 98 - 102 of 102
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