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This is the first installment of my PTS (Ponify that song) series! If your curious as to what that is you can check my blog post here! This story is based off of 'Falling Away With You' by Muse. It was suggested by Irishtiger. If you would like to suggest a song than either do it here or in the comments. Enjoy!

Spitfire and Rainbow Dash have been dating for nearly a year. In that time Rainbow found her spot on the Wonderbolts and has been living a life of carefree luxury. Using the large income from their careers, Rainbow and Spitfire have traveled the world together. They have done nearly everything adventurous a thrill seeking couple can. When Spitfire and Rainbow decide to cut loose on the to one of their practices, a tragic accident leaves Spitfire in a hospital bed, confused and worried.

Thanks to the wonderful Tarascha for editing!

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Vinyl Scratch lives to feel free! She feels trapped in society and the bland routine of every day life. She discovers that graffiti art gives her the same sense of freedom and danger that her music does. With a troubled past she longs for this feeling, doing almost anything in her power to grasp it. Even tough the activity is considered illegal she still finds herself in the streets every night after dark, tagging long abandoned buildings, feeling like she's leaving her mark for everypony to see. After deciding to try and tag one of the biggest buildings in Canterlot she gets caught again, this time facing severe punishment.

But when she discovers who the pony that lives in the building she painted is, she concocts a devious plan to get herself out of the trouble shes in.

She's willing to try anything to get back out on the streets!

Authors notes: Light comedy, nothing to cause any ROFLing. This is my first official fic and I really hope you enjoy! I am looking for someone to edit for me and would be very grateful to whoever wants to help! That being said if you have any tips for me and my story please comment or message me with them! I'm not new to writing but i'm new to writing in this setting so I would love a bit of feedback. Now read my story you silly fillies!

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