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So, I cosplay at a con, and I buy some souvenirs. All pretty normal right? Not! Instead of having an awesome time I end up in Equestria with no idea what i'm doing. Makes me really want to go and demand a refund, too bad the world doesn't work like that!

So! Join me as I deal with being a displaced, defeating evil, playing pranks, and failing at life! Who knew that getting cool powers could come with so many problems.. should have been Spiderman then I could use his line without sounding cliche.

~So my second story EVER, this is of course a Displaced Story. Also the cover image is the gauntlet... if anyone reading this has artistic talent a better pic would be incredibly welcome. Current cover art is done by zeldawolffang but if I get others I may rotate them or put them to a vote to determine the best one for the story! So don't be afraid to send me any that you make!~

~Special Thanks to StarChaser01 He has been a MAJOR help with this story so if you like it pop on over and give him a THANK YOU!~

~Also a major thanks to all who commented on my thread seeking help on the Displaced group!~

P.S Hey Archive! Does this look any better?

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Link fights but is quickly defeated by ganondorf and impaled upon the master sword and as ganondorf prepares to send him to be forever trapped in the empty void, much like link has done to ganondorf in the past, farore attempts to stop the spell but only ends up altering it and so link ends up in equestria badly wounded. I am open to suggestions and of course I welcome opinions and ways to improve my writing. THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FICTION. I also wish to thank MAGO5, appledashfan89, and gravy 1333 for help in editing my story I don't think i would have been able to do this without them!

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