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Chapter Thirty Nine is out! · 6:43pm Jul 3rd, 2017

Chapter thirty nine is out, and you can view it HERE!

Hopefully, this marks a return to form, and we'll be getting back to regular chapter postings.

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Yo, Hang in there Bro, if ya need support, all your fans are behind you and Praying for Ya!

Thank you muchly for the fave on A Night (to Try) to Remember! :yay:

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

Hey, so I just read through the first two stories in your Mass Effect series, am a few chapters into the third. Really good so far, engaging presentation, well written characters, but I can't help but feel there's some inconsistencies here and there, mostly concerning how many years are between some events. Was Shepard 11 or 16 in the first one, and did 8, 9 or 12 years pass between the first and second one? Because I could swear I saw all of those referenced at some point. Might be worth a passover.

Other than that, Brilliant work. Pony on.

Love your story's can't wait for more

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The second of my two stories is Mass Effect: Side Stories. I have absolutely no clue how long it is going to end up being, but it is where all of the stories that don't fit in the main stories end up. Go check it out!