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"She smiles as all the right neighborhoods burn, leaving only the wrong ones to be in." -Zincy

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A 'slice of life' story all about a dragon named 'Slice' whose owner/boss/sister/mother figure moves to a small town to learn about friendship at the behest of her teacher, dragging Slice along unwillingly.

Thanks to Eclectic Bugaboo for creating the OC 'Yeastrise Bakel.'

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Chocolate has a very powerful effect on mares. But while most mares are content to eat their chocolate without thinking, Twilight's curiosity poses some difficult questions.

In short, it's a story. About Twilight Sparkle. Eating a bar of chocolate. While thinking about stuff. That's all there really is to it.

Based on a true story! A Valentine's Day Special for everypony out there who is, was, and ever will be, single on Valentine's Day.

And no, she does not eat a 'Twilight Delight.' My apologies if the cover is misleading.

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Twilight and Spike shut themselves up in their castle for ten years where they play a magic board game against a malevolent spirit to prevent global thermonuclear war.

A turn-by-turn account of an actual game of ‘Twilight Struggle,’ in which every single action is noted, mixed in with tangential arguments and commentaries on everything from fandom content producers to religion to the game itself, straight from the lips of the Beavis and Butthead of boardgaming!
Great for any Twilight Struggle fans, or (alternate) history buffs in general, although the commentary is rather scathing.


Dedicated to Kkat for not preventing me from taking a glorious crap on her magnum opus.
Narrated by ‘Ron Bon’ Perlmare, the same pony who narrated the intro of Fallout: Equestria and all of its spinoffs.

The Official Map has been released! Now you can follow the action and actually understand what the characters are talking about!

Chapters (13)
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