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I'm just a crazy girl who likes to write. . a lot. I write ponies and I write comedy or what just interests me. Don't like it? Tough. :3

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Fluttershy? What are you doing here on Earth?

A human named Alexis finds Fluttershy on her doorstep and keeps her. She loves her and takes care of her for years and years. Caring for her in every way she could. But one day, she disappears into Equestria.

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Octavia's a new student at Canterlot High and is having a hard time fitting in. After she meets Vinyl, things change. Then, her whole school status turns around.

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Don't ever... ever get grounded.

What? I get in trouble for a little thing like that?! That's no fair!
Never had I spent so long in my room..
I hate being grounded!

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