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Hi Monstre (or anyone of his followers that happen to read this),

I wanted to read your "The Soul Is as Hard as Diamonds" story, but no matter where I look I can't find the actual chapters for it. All it has is the title and description for it, but no material. Even if you don't feel that the story is worth posting, I would still love to read it, or at least get to know the overlying plot.

Seriously, if ANYONE happens to have a copy of this story, is willing to recreate it, or at least can give me the overlying details of what you remember; please feel free to send me a message of it on my mail tab.

Thank you and hope you're having a wonderful week,

Are you still alive?

Thanks for the fav on my story, The Ones From Beyond.

1582727 I just read the first chapter and I thought this will go on the favorites lists, and I'll read the rest later on. I think it's good. And thanks for the watch.

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