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Yoshikage Kira

Crossovers and Sci-Fi are my bread and butter.


Ocellus goes out and buys a gift for her coltfriend. How will he react when he finds the extravagant gift the changeling got him?


This was written for Talon & Thorn as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

Art is by Cynfularts with their permission, thanks a bunch!

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After getting a card for Hearthswarming from Celestia, Twilight decides to take a trip to visit the former Princess.


Written for the Jinglemas Collab of 2019, written for "Moonbutters"

Coverart by Snowberry, check out her Tumblr here

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After spending a few months on Bridleway, Troy was ecstatic to finally come home to his husband. But on the way, he meets another Griffon who has a keen interest in his love life.

Written for the Troy/Canvas 2018 Story Contest.

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'Three months.

It's been three months since Augustine got knocked off her concrete throne.
Three months since Delsin rewrote the book on Conduits.
Three months since I've been out of that nightmare of a prison.

Now I'm getting enrolled into a school in the middle of nowhere, and I've got to deal with all these annoying people dancing and singing like some fruity kid's movie.

And I don't know why, but this one girl, Sunset Shimmer...

She's different. Like me.


Sort of a crossover with INFAMOUS: Second Son and Equestria Girls (takes place after Rainbow Rocks).

Playing the games is NOT needed, it is mostly unrelated.

Thanks to DIO Brando on fimfiction for making the sick art for this story!

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Everypony always thought Trixie was a nutcase, what with giving into an ancient relic that rendered her mind null and overwhelmed her with sheer magical power and that time that she tried to enslave all of Ponyville. But one of the quirks that nopony could explain was her irrational fear of wheels. Well, Starlight decides to ask.

Apparently, wheels are not good when sold on discount.



Featuring one of my favorite Dark Souls characters and my most hated enemy.

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Every pegasus in Cloudsdale dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt, colts and fillies alike. All parents reinforce it, saying, "Wonderbolts study hard, Wonderbolts practice every day, Wonderbolts look both ways before crossing the runway." The most dedicated and brightest ponies make it eventually.

But they don't tell the reserves about the traditions the main team holds near and dear.

Nor do the reserves tell the main team of their previous experience with certain nicknames.

Spitfire remembered when Rainbow Dash had told her the story of her old nickname, "Crash," and how it effected her performance in Ponyville as a result. So now she goes to see why another up-and-coming reserve member threw out his badge on his first day.


Written moments after watching the episode, "Newbie Dash," and based off of a true story.

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I forgot everything about myself.
I've spent so much time in the darkness.
I don't know where I am, or what time it is, in any way.
All I know is that they ran from me, when I screamed for help.
What's happening?
What's that clanging sound?
What's that in the water?
What... am I?

Short-story I felt like writing one day after a nightmare I had.

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Story is Cancelled, but a better one is up in the Sequel Box to the right!

The Militia recently suffered one of their greatest losses at the hands of the IMC, and nearly lost an entire battlegroup. However, one Destroyer damaged it's warp drive, and was sent deep into uncharted territory. Along with it, one of their best Pilots, Joshua, went along for the ride. Haunted by his mistakes in the IMC Pilot seats, he vowed to do right by his new position, and that includes helping whoever needs him, whether they be former IMC, hardcore Militia, or even talking magical ponies, as they begin to battle across Equestria, fighting to help maintain one form of peace where theirs had previously failed. Assisted by the Destroyer, known as Horizon, Joshua will lead the Equestrians through war against all of their known enemies, and help to find his own salvation among the alien populace.

I do not know if there is anything at all written anywhere about the technologies of the ships or anything about the characters (if there are any) in Titanfall, so it's mostly assumptions from other EA titles, and what I believe may have happened in the background of the Campaign.

Original characters used, so warning about that, and maybe a little bit jumpy here and there, but this is the first time I've taken on Titanfall, and what I find best to use, so there.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Currently Undergoing Rewrite

Titanfall is owned by EA and Respawn Entertainment.
I own and regret nothing.

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