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Plans... · 5:32pm Oct 25th, 2016

So all three comments said Foals of Nightwatch. So Imma doing that next.

have you noticed my new avatar? mix-up did that. Here is his DA http://amalgamzaku.deviantart.com
He is awesome, check his stuff out ^^.

So... FD... I ma not sure about the whereabouts of my editor but a link to his user page is in the story description if you have questions to ask him. I miss you, man ;_; you make my stories work.

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I want to show something · 5:25pm Oct 20th, 2016

Don't worry, FD is not dead. I happily await the edited version of chapter 6 while typing on chapter 7 away.
So that out the way i wanted to show you something.

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